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Every year around this time, we love to look at which fashion trends were a total hit and which ones we think won’t stick around. This year, it was all about bold fabrics, patterns, and silhouettes in classic, neutral colours. As 2019 winds down, here are some of the bold fashion trends we love and hope will carry over into 2020!


We swear sequins aren’t just for toddlers with tiaras. They can be worn tastefully when paired with more understated items. A top or dress with sequins, or even a pair of glittery heels, can be exactly what you need to make any outfit pop, especially during the holidays!

Animal Prints

From leopard to snake to crocodile, animal prints of every kind were a hit this year. We see this bold trend continuing into next year and it’s safe to say we’re happy about that!


Jumpsuits and rompers of all kinds blew up all over social media in 2019. Whether it was a structured and formal jumpsuit suitable for the office or a softer, more casual romper meant for lounging, these one-piece wonders have been turning heads all year.

Wide-Leg Pants

All trends truly are cyclical! This blast from the past screams 1970s. High-waisted, wide-leg trousers and jeans are reclaiming their place in a world full of super-skinny jeans. Plus, wide-leg pants give the illusion of sky-high legs on even the most petite!


Leather is a mainstay in fashion, but somehow it shows up in different ways every year. Leather jackets, pants, or leather-look leggings are all effortlessly fashionable and at least one item should be found in every woman’s closet.

Accent Sleeves

Dresses, blazers, and even t-shirts with puffy shoulders or bell sleeves are making a statement. We love this bold trend because it’s flattering and everyone, regardless of age, can pull it off.

Our advice is to wear only one or two bold items together and aim for understated jewelry, shoes, and makeup so your outfit does the talking!

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