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At Ideal Fashion, we love to shop! We believe that owning the right clothes can make a woman feel and look her best, no matter the occasion. One of the tricks to looking great every day is organizing your closet so that you get the most out of your wardrobe.

Here are some helpful tips on how to organize your closet:

1. Have A Staging Area

The first step is to completely empty out your closet and move your clothes and accessories to a staging area. The staging area can be your bed or a corner of the room — wherever you have enough room to pile your wardrobe items while you organize. You may also want to consider temporarily installing a collapsible clothing rack so you can have everything hanging up and easier to see.

2. Take An Inventory

Knowing what clothes and accessories you have is an important part of organization. Organize your items into categories, like sweaters, coats and dresses, and take an inventory of those items. Break your clothing down into categories and gather boxes, plastic containers or other organizational aides to help keep things separate and prevent smaller items from getting lost.

3. Hang Or Store Items In Categories

Organizing your clothes into categories can also help you in the long-run. Whether you choose to organize clothes by season or by type, hanging your clothes with like-pieces can help you stay organized in the future. Dresses, sweaters, button-downs and casual tops are easier to find if they are all hung together.

4. Move Items That Don’t Belong

One of the most common ways that people become disorganized is by keeping items in places they don’t belong. When you empty out your closet, you may find magazines or extra linens hidden amongst your clothes. Separate out any items that don’t belong in your closet and try to find a better place to store them.

5. Dispose Of Unwanted Clothing

For many people, it can be hard to dispose of things, even if you don’t need them — and this is especially difficult when it comes to clothing. Use this time to identify pieces that you haven’t worn in years and that you’re not likely to wear again. Also, get rid of any items that are worn out or dated. The positive side is that you’ll be making room for new purchases! Donate any lightly worn items so that someone else can get use out of them!

Having an organized closet can help you create outfits that you love! If you would like some personalized advice, visit Ideal Fashion and take advantage of our wardrobing service.

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