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Putting a perfect outfit together can seem intimidating, but it’s easier than you think. No matter what activities or events you have planned for your day, follow these five steps and you’ll feel and look your best:

1. Determine what you need from your outfit

The first step to building the perfect outfit, and one of the most important things to consider, is what you will need from your outfit. Do you need to look professional? Are you running errands and need to feel comfortable? Are you attending an event that requires formal attire? In addition to the type of event or activity, it’s important to consider other factors like the weather, how much you’ll be walking and if you need to layer up for cooler weather.

2. Pick a base

Every outfit starts with a base. The base is the first layer of clothing (after your undergarments), and can be a one-piece, like a dress or a jumpsuit, or two pieces, like a top and a pair of slacks. This can often be the hardest step for people, so check out Pinterest or a magazine if you need some inspiration. Don’t forget to take your personality into account; the base doesn’t have to be boring and can be as simple or as showy as you want.

3. Build with layers

If it’s the summertime and you don’t need to layer any more than your base, you can skip this step. At other times of the year, adding to your outfit with layers will help to keep you cool and comfortable and will add another level of interest to your look. This can include shirts, vests, cardigans, sweaters, blazers, coats, denim jackets, trench coats, wool coats and more — the possibilities are endless! You can choose as many layers as you like, just be sure to start with the pieces that are most fitted to your body and work your way outwards.

4. Pick your shoes

For many people, shoes are an afterthought, but in fact, shoes can really make or break your outfit. Shoes can not only pull the outfit together in terms of the style and the look, but they can have a big impact on your comfort level as well. Your shoes should complement the rest of your outfit and communicate your mood.

5. Accessorize

Like shoes, accessories aren’t always considered essential to the overall look of an outfit. But with accessories, you can really take your outfit to a whole new level, express your personality and put your own stamp on your look. Accessorizing can also be one of the trickiest parts of putting together an outfit. If you struggle with this step, start with one statement piece that you’re comfortable with, or that you think works with the outfit, and then build on that. You can combine different materials, styles and colours as long as all of your accessories have one element that ties them all together.

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