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If you work in an office, after a while your workwear might start to feel a little stale. While having simple pieces that can be worn in different ways is an essential part of any wardrobe, you also want to bring some personality to your work outfits.

Here’s how to refresh your workwear so you look and feel great every day:

1. Add pops of colour

When we think of workwear, most of us picture white button-downs and black slacks. While these are great pieces to have, don’t be afraid to add some colour! Pick up some colourful blouses with fun prints or a brightly coloured purse and heels to instantly add some colour to your work outfit.

2. Wear different textures

One of the biggest issues with workwear is that it can tend to look flat. Try to buy pieces in different textures and materials to add some visual interest to your outfit. This can be as simple as adding a tweed jacket or a lacy top into your outfit rotation.

3. Carry a statement bag

It’s time to ditch the lunch bag and purse and level up to a beautiful statement bag. Opt for a structured tote bag that’s big enough to fit all of your belongings and will keep them organized. A statement bag is functional and can add a lot of personality to your work outfits.

4. Wear denim

There was a time when wearing denim to the office was a big no-no. While it still may be unsuitable for certain workplaces, dark-wash denim pants can be a great option for your work outfit. They’re super versatile and can be worn with blouses, button downs, blazers and more.

5. Know how to accessorize

When it comes to refreshing your workwear and adding personality to a work outfit, there’s nothing better than accessories. Bold statement pieces like necklaces, earrings, bangles and a nice belt are all easy ways to accessorize — as long as you’re not wearing too many bold pieces at once. And of course, the best accessory of all is a great pair of shoes!

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