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At Ideal Fashion in Mount Forest, we believe in providing our customers with the best clothing designers to help them look and feel their best! And we’ve been carrying Sympli clothing for years for this very reason. We also try to carry brands that are in line with our own values.

Find out why we love this line of essentials and coordinates for traveling and lifestyle dressing.

They’re Made in Canada

As a Canadian business itself, Ideal Fashion loves to be able to support Canadian clothing brands! And Sympli clothing is proudly designed and manufactured in Canada. Supporting Canadian companies means more jobs, a better economy and pride in what we carry. And it means you can feel good about what you’re buying.

Made for Women, By Women

Ideal Fashion is an independent clothing store owned and run by Dianne Hill. All of our store employees are women, and we love to help women find the right clothes to express themselves. Sympli has a very similar story. It began when Jan Stimpson was looking for the perfect tee, and discovered that the perfect tee is different for every woman. This quest to provide quality clothing for all women and to help them feel confident is truly inspiring, and we are so happy to be a part of it!

Simple But Stylish Designs

Fashion trends are ever-changing, and fashion can be frivolous. But we still want to look stylish and feel great, which is where Sympli comes in. Their focus is on quality, comfortable pieces that make you look great but stay away from anything too trendy. They’re long-lasting and won’t go out of style. They’re also perfect for women of any size, shape or age! With over 200 different styles and 20 colours, their coordinates are perfect for mixing and matching effortlessly into your wardrobe!

Sympli is one of the leading clothing designers in effortless, comfortable fashion, perfect for any occasion! Find out more about Sympli at Ideal Fashion in Mount Forest.

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