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This summer has already had its share of hot and sticky days, and we’re sure that there are more to come. It can be difficult to dress for the weather without revealing too much skin or feeling too casual. We have a few outfit tips to help you stay cool and comfortable this summer — and look great at the same time.

Outfit Tips

1. Wear Natural Fibres

Natural fibres, like cotton, linen, and rayon will breathe and help you stay cool in hot weather. Most natural fibres are moisture wicking and durable, and they won’t cling to your body. Wearing lighter materials made from silk and other natural fibres will also reduce sweating, so you won’t have to worry about unsightly sweat stains.

2. Enjoy Flowy Dresses

No wardrobe is complete without a fun, flowy, summer dress. Multi-layered or angled fabrics, handkerchief dresses, and maxi dresses are the perfect choice in hot weather. Consider light-coloured or patterned dresses for that extra summery look. Florals and paisley prints are also very much on trend and will add some fun to your outfit repertoire.

3. Add A Lightweight Shawl

On the hottest days, many people appreciate wearing sleeveless tops. However, when you’re in and out of air conditioning it can get a little chilly. Adding a lightweight shawl or wrap to your collection will not only look fantastic, it will also add dimension and a bit of warmth to your style.

4. Capri Pants

Capri pants never go out of style. If you aren’t comfortable wearing shorts or they are inappropriate for your workplace, capris are the perfect solution. When it’s 80+ degrees outside it’s simply too hot to wear full-length pants. Cropped pants and capris will help you stay cool and look great. Easy to transition from day to night and available in a wide variety of styles and colours, they are a must-have wardrobe staple.

If you are looking for ways to dress for the weather and look amazing, come and visit us at Ideal Fashion. Our team will help you find the perfect pieces.

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