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When was the last time you really purged your closet? If you can’t remember, it’s probably about time! Spring is a great time of year to purge your closet of the clothing you don’t wear anymore, and to make room for more pieces that you love. Here’s how!

1. Empty Your Closet

To really effectively purge your closet, you should first empty it out completely. Make sure you’re collecting your clothes from every part of your home, whether you have clothes in some drawers, packed away in suitcases or some clothing still in the laundry. Putting everything together in one place will help you to really take stock of what you currently own.

2. Separate Into Four Piles

Separate your clothing into four piles: love, hate, maybe and seasonal. Clothing that you absolutely cannot part with goes into the love section. Pieces that you want to love but perhaps don’t fit right or have been worn one too many times go in the maybe section. Clothing you can’t imagine ever wearing again goes in the hate pile. And anything that you love but can’t be worn in the current season can be put in the seasonal pile, and eventually into a box for later.

3. Put Your Clothes Back & Assess

Before you rush out to buy a bunch of new clothes after sorting and discarding a few items, you should take stock of what you do have. Hang everything that’s left back up in your closet or sort into drawers and take a couple of days or weeks to really assess what’s missing. It’s also a great time to consider your personal style or the style direction you wish to go toward.

4. Shop!

Now that the hard work is done, it’s time to shop! Shop for pieces that will complete your current wardrobe, whether they’re basics or stand-out pieces. Create a good balance in your wardrobe of casual everyday wear and workwear, depending on your lifestyle. Rebuilding your wardrobe after a purge can be hard, but many women’s clothing stores including Ideal Fashion offers wardrobing services to help.

Whatever the season or occasion, Ideal Fashion is here to help you look your best! Visit us at our Mount Forest location today.

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