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The summer’s heat and humidity can make it difficult to dress comfortably and fashionably — especially if you’re past the days of short shorts and barely-there tank tops. But dressing well and staying cool doesn’t have to be hard, as long as you have these summer wardrobe essentials in your closet:

1. A print dress

Summer is all about having fun with your clothes, and what better way to do that than with a fun, bright print dress? The print you choose is up to you, whether it’s an on-trend leopard print or a colourful floral pattern. Just pay special attention to the fabric and the fit of the dress: make sure it’s something you can move in and wear to any number of casual and special occasions, and opt for natural fabrics as they will keep you cooler in warm weather.

2. Statement jewelry

If you prefer to keep your look a little muted but want to add some summer fun to your outfit, statement jewelry is the perfect wardrobe staple. Tropical colours and motifs in the form of earrings, necklaces and bracelets will add a playful element to your outfit that is oh-so-summery.

3. Plain t-shirts

If there’s only one summer wardrobe staple you opt for on this list, make it a plain t-shirt. At Ideal Fashion we’re partial to plain white tees, which can be paired with anything from a colourful maxi skirt to a pair of casual, loose-fitting jeans. If you have a couple of white tees in your closet, you’ll never have a day when you struggle with what to wear.

4. A relaxed-fit blazer

Even when it’s hot, many of us will still find days when we need to throw on a blazer for a more professional look. Choose a light blazer in a relaxed fit, and opt for a natural fabric so you’ll be comfortable and look put-together.

5. Cropped jeans

Walk into any women’s clothing store this summer and you’ll see at least one pair of cropped jeans, and for good reason: they’re the perfect summer staple. Choosing a plain wash (light or dark is up to you) makes it easy to dress up or down. Find a pair of cropped jeans that are comfortable and that you feel good in, and you’ll want to live in them all summer long.

For the newest summer fashions and everything you need to feel and look cool this summer, visit Ideal Fashion.

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