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Every wedding guest knows that weddings are all about the bride. But that doesn’t mean wedding guests can’t look their best as well! With wedding season quickly approaching, keep these fashion tips in mind for the next wedding you attend.

Get the Right Shoes

There are two things to consider when choosing your shoes for your wedding guest outfit: style and comfort. Of course, you want your shoes to pair well with the rest of your outfit. But weddings can be long, drawn out affairs, and you don’t want your feet to start getting sore only half way through the nuptials. Make sure any shoes you choose fit well, are comfortable to walk in and will let you bust a move on the dance floor!

Choose a Well-Fitting Dress

Even the most gorgeous dress can look horrible if it doesn’t fit you correctly. Before you have your heart set on a particular dress, make sure you try it on and try to be objective about the fit. Depending on the style of the dress, it will fit you differently throughout your body. Since dresses aren’t made to fit every body type perfectly off the rack, you may want to consider getting your dress altered so it fits you like a glove.

Get a Coordinating Clutch

While the dress and shoes may be the main event, never overlook details like accessories. For weddings, ditch your handbag or purse and opt instead for an elegant clutch that coordinates well with the rest of your outfit. Since a clutch isn’t something you’re going to need on a regular basis, consider purchasing one that you think would go well with a wide range of outfits.

Consider the Dress Code

Not all weddings are going to be super-formal affairs requiring black tie and ball gowns. While some couples choose not to list the dress code on their invitations, pay attention to those that do. Always choose your outfit based on either the dress code or the venue, whether it’s a formal event or a more dressed-up casual occasion. Sticking to a dress code isn’t just respectful to the happy couple, but you’ll also feel more comfortable.

Avoid White & Revealing Outfits

While it’s a pretty well-known rule that wedding guests shouldn’t wear white, it bears repeating. Since weddings are all about the bride, make sure you’re not stealing the spotlight by wearing anything white. And with wedding gown trends, that goes for blush, cream and other variations too! You’ll also want to avoid wearing anything that’s too revealing as weddings are typically family-centred events.With over 600 special occasion dresses and one of the largest selections of special occasion wear in Ontario, Ideal Fashion in Mount Forest is your destin

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